here comes the rooster

A rooster crows, waking me from my slumber
Before the morning light
I kick off my covers, pressing my feet against the frigid floor
A deep swift inhale of breath later, and I’m in front of the mirror
Brushing my teeth and letting the water run a bit

I pull back the shower curtain
And carefully extract the arachnid from the tub
Before my rub-a-dub-dub song begins

Off key of course, painting pictures on the misty mirror

My standard dress code, prohibits expression of freedom
I don’t have the bandwidth in the morning to choose from a wardrobe
My car starts, and I’m backing out of the driveway
My music on eleven

Six chickens and two roosters cross the road
I suppose just to get to the other side
A car horn blares
Near miss across the street

I’m watching these morons on their cellphones
Aware that I’m no different
I pull in and there is always a parking space
Even during the holidays

The fields never complain

It’s as if someone upstairs and down the street is watching
While I do my work

I’m in the red barn, digging around in the cobwebs
Gathering dust
I pull out the worn bar, slinging it over my own shoulders
Chains objecting to being harnessed
Out in the fields again
Ferdinand smelling flowers

I reach out and he sniffs my muddy boots
Eager to see me
Pushing his head against my outstretched hand
Nudging me forward, my gentle giant
His tough hide and agrarian behavior

I am familiar with

I named him china, because his delicate nature
Is nurturing

And we get to work

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