you looked at me in full bloom my fingertips across skin smooth as rose petals you looked back over shoulder trying to decipher the messages with a snicker and sigh i tell you the answers in riddle form you puzzle through the night heartbeat fluttering in the wings every thorn has a story


It's so early You're curled up undercover Kettle on fire Cut off at the first sign of screaming I cast my gaze into the dim blackness Aware of the impending sunrise Praying to whatever God is listening That I don't forget to give thanks for my final breath

Watch the weather change

I was there In sickness and health Over decades and eons We saw epochs change & grew pole beans in summer Squash in the winter It wasn't long before Our year-round hijinks had all the Neighbors talking The gossip column full of Hot winded airbags Only good for the news & the weather Raining on... Continue Reading →

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