keeping secret public knowledge

sshhhh…. don't tell anyone but i'm going on a journey of three thousand miles solely for the purpose of doing something different "you'll never make it" they say i don't believe it myself moreso convinced these antiquated sentiments infilled with sediment are overdue for a tune-up sshhhh…. don't tell anyone when i get there it's... Continue Reading →


you were gone andthere were crumbs on the countertop left behind morsels strewn across faded butcher block & affixed to butter knife they were the last you'd eaten they told me it was painless and they arrested the other driver i don't know what happens next we're told to watch for better days in and... Continue Reading →

letters we never wrote – vol. 1

my dearest sam, the laws of physics keeping us entangled our very own spooky actions across distance space & time will ultimately bring us closer do you hear the second clock ticking soundlessly counting particles like we count back change i reached out for you in the dark bringing back empty blankets curled around white... Continue Reading →


These late night gatherings Over tendrilled coils Punching numbers on the handset When car phones weighed ten pounds And hairspray was queen of keeping beehives Held in place mightily We echo back and forth Remembered pieces Of rocking chairs on porch And the creek of the thirteenth step Rubbing camphor oil on our knees Predicting... Continue Reading →


When they talk, acid oozes from their lips Clever enough to sidestep convention They utter caveats Expressing disdain for Common sense Instead looking to the insulation Of the groupthink I wonder often how we arrived here Mostly why it is such that I see this as plain as day The obstruction of the sun And... Continue Reading →

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