Storm on the horizon

I shudder to think What shakes the foundation Long after A whirlwind adventure passes This house sitting empty Though it's not its fault The vault is full Of empty promises In the shape of wine bottles Corked with air (leftovers from last spring) I reach out in the cellar for light Clutching darkness Empty handed... Continue Reading →

Universal Constant

I sit Underneath my desk at work Eating lunch Puzzling over theories Like what connects everything & Why I have no oneTo discuss this with The universe is a sphereinside a pentachoronComposed ofeleven dimensionsdefined by four planeswith two additionaldimensionseach heldat the singular pointwhere you can enter twicethrough the one-way door


In 5 seconds Your summer will end Leaving you asking Are we boys or men? These juvenile wannabes Growing older in the trees Eventually turning over new leaves In the summer breeze The picture owns the human,not the other way around.

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