There is Subtle tones here Reaching out beyond stars Waving in the empty window Hollow I wrote this on a dare, to prove to you I wasn't there. My words I left in blades of glass, shattered stems and words of crass.In that moment my voice did break - not one note disharmonious.

No Trespassing

In this place This locale Somewhere out west Just on the arm of the spiral I call out Making waves & Seeking frequency A pulsar blinking You there Seeing from across the sky Or in your minds eye Watching faithfully As the sun rises This bridge is somewhere inside the milky way galaxy, on one... Continue Reading →

Ask nicely

I asked the universe for closure. The granting of this ask, was presented in the form of three thousand unscheduled files. All needing to be closed. Be careful what you ask for, how you approach the situation can vary. I asked for love; heartache came next. I asked the universe for patience. The granting of... Continue Reading →

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