It follows wherever I go Hovering weightless Ready to pounce It is the afterburn The subtile listlessness Entering doorways Coatsleeve caught on the door handle It remains tethered Cannot cut corners Shaping up to be odd angles.

Story at Eleven

It rocked the whole world, Not one person died today; Yesterday's headlines. I am sorry you think you deserve an apology; c'est la vie. Hashtag is pound sign, Quote "sorry is not sorry" That's a double quote.


Stealing more secrets, Nothing more than whisper soft; Points of no return. Can we undo knots, Splicing between all the facts; To reach a verdict? is this a black and white issueor the cover of grey magazine?


one thing to ask you, what is everything worth now; the fun is over. make no mistake now, when you do not have the means; be wise with your choice. get creative with your options (tnereffid kniht)

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