letters we never wrote – vol. 1

my dearest sam,

i think you mean de_coded
some unscrambling of
technological hieroglyphics
keeping digital footprints free
of any pesky
paper cuts

lead not your head to worry
of the paths yon youth will take
as the wheel falls home again
turning over and over

thirty seven paces
walk it out
these are our lives
in the balance

welcome to utopia
we sing hellos off key

these days face-to-face
is just another
pantomiming as another thing.

i miss you now more than ever
the weather here changes
& i’m searching the skies
for signs of hope
these protests during lockdown
send us further apart
(no, really really)

how can we stand together
when we are so
ultimately divided
by lines
& color
& careers

we are stronger together, soon we will be made whole

oh wait –
what time is it?
i’m running tangent again
able to lift tall buildings
one brick at a time
watching pieces fall
one brick at a time
still curious
ruby trailing aside
my heart beats for you


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