nature morte capturée

Hello beautiful one Behind your lined paper & open books I see you Pouring over facts, fiction, figures Giving shape to those absent-minded Thoughts I have about you (& the changing weather) Gossiping to yourself in the hallway Arm in arm Painted buttons open Elegant eloquence

Giddy Siren

Stepping up on the left side I can't help but catch a glimpse In passing Falling into the blue Sky and sea and pool Swimming in your shadow Articulating this is the last time Another ten digits later It's hellos and how's it going Suddenly awakened into some Dilapidated dream world Puzzling over sawdust Those... Continue Reading →

In Name Only

I ruffle feathers, My hands spin straw into gold; Now who could I be? No rose thorn to blame, Encased under glass bell; One you cannot ring.


They say bury the hatchet so I did One skull seemed to make a perfect fit Once I wedged it in properly It took on the form of skin Modeling clay to reform and Reconstruct all the parts Less so for gestalt And moreso for the experience

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