Ice Ice Baby

Twenty four on the ice
Forty four on the glass
Number eleven playing fistycuffs
With some guy from the desert

Two dollar whisky cola
Nachos in the third
Heel taps ringing freely
From concrete
Busy crowd shouting for more

Huddled sticks drawn close
Black speck released
Sent hurling ninety miles west
Along the backboard
Checked twice
The biscuit made it in the basket
& the crowd goes wild


Let it shine brightly,
This concept of idea;
Polishing viewpoints.

I saw you in my dream last night, you wear wearing a purple tutu. I giggled, knowing how proud you were that you picked it out by yourself.


You notice that part
Hidden from view
Only partially realized

A ghost white reaction
Draining away willpower
Oh strength don’t leave me now

You look wild from this angle
I see the politely asked question
Turning you in different directions
Eager to address the next one