You were not there
For the scrapes, bumps, and bruises
Nor to protect


You left
Taking pride in raising others
Somehow forgetting
Your one and only

& Yet I forgive
Clawing at chest
Slick with tears and snot

No difference between us
Much distance
Awash with the knowing

Digging to nothing is an impossible task
We’ve gained ground on


to use the concept of CRED
is not appropriate given the typical natures
of religious beliefs and behaviors

audiences link
between proclaimed
religious beliefs
& observable religious behaviors

public representations
generally more
[or less]
rigidly stipulated
hence they have more
to do with social coordination
than with genuine expression

furthermore there is no guarantee
that religious behavior be systematically

such aims & ends
might partly explain why
they get maintained in various cultural traditions

[redacted abstract]

Lienard, P., Moncrieff, M., & Martinez, M. (2014). Religious propositional attitudes and underdetermination of public representation: Commentary on Ara Norenzayans Big Gods. Religion, 44(4), 622–627. doi: 10.1080/0048721x.2014.937061