wheel of fortune

Walking across the stage Tapping tiles and presenting that Colgate smile Winning friends and Wooing enemies over In every conceivable form of fashion Nightly writing like a banshee Focused on the transfer of power & staying off the black wedge


You were not there For the scrapes, bumps, and bruises Nor to protect No You left Taking pride in raising others Somehow forgetting Your one and only & Yet I forgive Clawing at chest Slick with tears and snot No difference between us Much distance Awash with the knowing Digging to nothing is an impossible... Continue Reading →


I tucked you in gently, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear Looking longingly into the sleeping face of peace Echoing one-way feedback from speakers on eleven As is customary


to use the concept of CRED is not appropriate given the typical natures of religious beliefs and behaviors audiences link between proclaimed religious beliefs & observable religious behaviors public representations generally more [or less] rigidly stipulated hence they have more to do with social coordination than with genuine expression furthermore there is no guarantee that... Continue Reading →

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