you're free as mustang unbridled & bucking the system this star nebula nexus connected clusterfuck of lust & excess must go on

Julian Gregorian

Playing hopscotch & Skip-rope Jumping over empty space Hovering for a second to change Our place-holding bobble Elevated heart rate swinging wildly With every revolution With every repeat gathering We take what little remains & Try transforming it into something more Solid A wet ball of pasta noodles Long and dangling Perhaps by magic The... Continue Reading →


I took notice of the filling in Those once perfect pleats Shifting off center during expansion In this catastrophic contraction Having imploded the world Erodes confidence In self control Is it reliance or resistance to belay Successful results with hard won grace & thanks Push the rock up the mountain Again You have control of... Continue Reading →

Negative Space

Be thankful for that distance between us Using knowledge to exploit Digital film taking up nil space Outward and through digital airwaves Casting longrod outwardly Reel on reel over & over That scene forever making the final cut


this sacred moment of sound deprivation nightly ritual that bleeds into the early morning hours silent; birdsong at three am & a cat knocks a glass on the floor no one heard the sound does it matter it didn't shatter imaginary playwright swishing tail

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