After all this

It started innocently enough Those fingers entwined in my pant leg (tugging fervently for attention) Wide eyes and machine gun mouth Rattling off question after question Keen on getting to the point Of why we should ban bedtime You remember now how best to hide Behind the closet door for just a moment of silence

Spyglass neighbors

Having not left home since mid MarchI feel it wise to inform you Of how limited the value Of work And what that means to be 'essential' I can tell you living adrift Of all the paradigm shifts Wouldn't leave much room With all that mulling about Painted walls absent-minded Given fresh coats & shown... Continue Reading →

balancing the books

Summer is here (ish) The official hello not for another month Given how drafty it's been We're long overdue for a spot of tea (Or whatever makes your heart sing) While I look over this paperwork Wedging spectacles over bridge Letters and numbers All hieroglyphics & coded For archival purposes Leading into focus For the... Continue Reading →

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