Ursa’s Slumber

Sitting suspended Rather Hanging out Grieving the actual distance between us A faceless clock devoid of numbers Doesn't bother with the time We weren't supposed to cross paths In parallel for eternity beyond the horizon Some rift left open in a new-age farmhouse Headless horses screech past open doors Faded checkered cloth centered & draped... Continue Reading →

Purple flowers

Lilly pad green painted on still waters Punctuated with violet, hues of lavender & lilac Augment reality Demonstrating the depth & breadth You can't skip stones here Nor skimp on the likelihood of chance catching you off guard Lest you become the mud Sinking deeper into the roots Entwined between worlds uninhabitable You are a... Continue Reading →


Your still life Is a question mark riding inside of you A topsy turvy Shepard's crook Guiding your Flock-of-seagulls Towards calmer horizons

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