12 CFR § 21.11

I could set my watch to the timbreof your voiceMatching syllabiFor each half-second passingThe soft ticking punctuated between breathsEyes on the wall moving inSynchronistic patternsBlack tail silently swishing I brace myself for impactThe sudden revelation thatThere is a world outside this windowDoves and crows cavorting on the wiresScattering suddenlyKeeping their distance& reconvening simultaneously Everything is... Continue Reading →


A farmhouse sits somewhere in a field & I imagine stories Hung on the clothesline Clipped together with wooden dowels Empty down the middle Like my grandmother before me And her mother before her Between baking cakes They both paint in oils Cigarettes lit Talk out of the corners of their mouths Absent-minded delivery Deliberately... Continue Reading →


I told her to get off the countertop & she did that thing with her nose That little crinkle Only happens behind the rim of a cup What happens next? she asked Nothing I replied, Pouring my own cup & leaving still life be - Keys collected from the dish, life moves on.

idée fixe

You're asleep a thousand miles away Dancing across lines And reveling in slumber A quiet night Rocking under starlight Asking the moon where it wandered Straddling daylight The river asks for no more time Preferring to take the path of least resistance

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