Hey She shakes their shoulder gently Wake up She pauses tilting her head to one side Blink blink In the dark Listening to the rhythmic whispering of life Reaching out into the solitude Returning empty handed


Dusting off the hallowed vessel (or was it on purpose?) No preference to the life inside it Strewn across the mantle Adhering to this corporeal landscape In every crack and crevice Shades of foggy beaches The universe is a carnivore gnashing its teeth on the shattered superposition - a measured response Collapsing in on itself... Continue Reading →


Returning to the earth Where dirt under fingernails is the norm Reversing that quick fix trend And settling into pulling weeds What victory will remain & will we know the outcome Borne of desperation and forthwith Upon us enshrouded It will pass This aspiration This Apparition An Aperture bending lenses Skewing the view in favor... Continue Reading →

Finger Knees

What's future me doing here? Talkshow host smile Plastic and separate Holding their own in a simulation Testing Imaginary boundaries Asking illusion for the time Friendly lettering plastered on 3x5 card Don't Panic Scrawled on a lamppost Behind a one-way sign Stickered on a drive-through speakerbox Bright crayon sun in the corner Eyes asking the... Continue Reading →

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