Fraught faces stare back from the monitor This isn't code for anything We're at full stop with no chute Skidding further into this dystopian Reality will ultimately recreate history From a repeatedly played out scene Cycles return to where the first started An alignment in Capricorn Or alongside the tropic of Cancer Like the flood... Continue Reading →

Where it’s at

I wander out (you're not here obviously) An absent-minded ritual Healing life with every unplanned step Two forward, four back; winding 35mm film - relics of the good place Snapping photos of monuments Moments recaptured shipped overseas Developed closeness to the area at least across town A three olive lunch date & Six meetings more... Continue Reading →


Walked to fetch water A veritable jack-of-all-trades Shuffling five gallons between Rustling plastic bags The shelves slowly but surely Rearranging themselves in Abstract swaths of white Where color used to be At least it's raining Keeping the fire season at bay Harboring details of darkness Thankful the sky can breathe I am refreshed by your... Continue Reading →

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