You're breathing Sitting in your chair Reclining slightly Slowly inhaling Realigning to this moment Alone With your sacred space Mmmmmm We can breathe together For as long as we'd like Inhale Deeper Calmly allowing yourself to slip deeper There is no hurry Exhaling the woes of the day All things pass through There is no... Continue Reading →

Four Oreos

Your energy is electric Charging static Through snaking lines Draped mile after mile Full throttle energy Sipping on sparks Bubbling up The storm has arrived in pink bunny slippers Carrying a sledgehammer A gentle reminder To keep going


I tried finding you This black cat in a dark room Tripping over coffee table Hands outstretched feeling the walls I reach a window Peeking between the slats Rustling branches wave hello You're still not found Leftover dream hallucinations Knowing alot about nothing

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