Ding dong ditch

Sliding across the floor in my socks Fresh underpants atop my head Dancing to some song My father used to play Broom moving across the floor Collecting all that I'd discarded The invisible lint Transformed into lint aperitif A delicacy While grey grinning vans pass I'm watching from the second floor Knocking on doors Ringing... Continue Reading →

Digital Tyger

What immortal hand or eye Could twist the sinews of thy heart In what distant deeps or skies On what wings dare he aspire When the stars threw down their spears What the hammer What the chain And what shoulder & what art Dare its deadly terrors clasp Could frame thy fearful symmetry In the... Continue Reading →

Branded Hearts

Love is like a pair of shoes Left one on the side of the highway Right one made it two miles further Neither had a foot in them this time Always on the run Or turning on heels Sneaking up wearing sneakers Not loafing in loafers Together makes the pair Wearing on the soles depending... Continue Reading →

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