Sky openly crying Drenching the earth below Washing away sweat She stabbed the sky with her thumb Waving it towards the interstate She puts one muddy foot in front of the other Shifting the weight of the world Carried diligently across state lines Tucked behind the rain fly A basket weaver stopped Waived hello Before... Continue Reading →

Spring Fever

I took you up on your offer nonchalantly; changing perspective. Hashtags & tic-tac-toe; pounding it out like a British Sterling steak. This sentence making as much sense as a commoner's commonly known commodity. Summertime in suburbia, stuck under rooftop terrace tea lights.

Open floorplan

A perfect yardstick Three meters measured Fifteen stories tall Missing the thirteenth floor Superstitious nagging Playing put-put between calls Industry shuttered, sheltered out of sync; what's more critical - dollars or what makes sense? This meeting could have been an email phishing scam (rolling eyes spinning) Or digitally televised Six feet underground The command was... Continue Reading →

Where wares were

There is nothing anywhere that doesn't remind me of who you were. Puka shell necklace, aloe scented salty skin, summer breeze through hair. laissez-faire Short distance, just beyond arm's reach; we like it here, bright in the morning.

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