Space Cowboy

Inhospitable landscape Looking for that first fossilized flower of Mars Dusty wind howling Sharp edges, unknown territory Searing warm welcome Shadowed by the indifference of the universe


She was from the North, You shifted gears into her view; Something is amiss. The gentle frost melts, reshaping the landscape by whetting the whistle. No time like present, taking captive audience along for the ride. You put googlie eyes on the help find me poster licking your chops. Who's afraid of the big bad... Continue Reading →

Ride of the Valkyrie

In need of a routine Restructuring the value of time Moments spent in passing Saw you at the corner Picking lint off your arm Face contorted into disappointment When it landed on your shoe instead Tree lined street Illuminated Casting a web of shadows to the sidewalk below Streets barely whispering Blue glow of televisions... Continue Reading →

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