A pebble strikes the pond The ripples roll, expand Stretch beyond all capacity Droplets erupt They taste the magic of the rising sun Plummet down to crash again Such glorious chaos A myriad of unbound consequence Those stretching endless ripples & drops That catch the morning light That spray the variant of hues The spectrum... Continue Reading →

H.E.L.L.O. 📬

Bring back the days When we got jazzed up To dial in That alien language Those times we've not forgotten Weeh wah Wawa ieooo digh digh sqqqqqqqqeeeeeessssssss Anyone from anywhere Been there before


Sometimes I wake early in the morning Writing sonnets and soliloquy yet Admiring the bare naked tree line The patch quilt work of gods crocheted pattern Stretching beyond the imagination There is this diametrically opposed Beauty within the juxtaposition Driving West until the ocean appeared Leaving tsunami zones just as quickly As melting snow ushers... Continue Reading →

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