Still Running

Smashing mirrors and reflecting on the carnage These blades of glass mimic The shattered dreams of the landscape Falling forward in some pre-determined pattern Enables the next pane to be installed One after another The procession continues A hand reaches out Its hollow grasp a constant reminder The show must go on Changing the world... Continue Reading →


Cocked locked and loaded The coyote proclaimed His silent scheme Was oft the aim Missed the mark The message came Writ on white card The name of the game (In heavens name what am I doing?) In search of something deeper Making meaning out of mushroom soup Reading the parsley snips like tea leaves In... Continue Reading →


Shakespeare and his buzzing Double questioning a la Philosophical waxing In tune with a fork Twirling spaghetti off key Colored red Or white Or green Depending on your preference for flavor Could add some color Change the scene Wouldn’t change the pitch It’s all about the tone

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