Laying down the foundation Picked out the drapes to match the curtains Followed through on a promise Of a brighter tomorrow The sun rose and we walked A mile round trip Half way across a bridge we paused Only long enough to snap a photo Through the branches For a moment the conversation paused And... Continue Reading →

Digital Scars

I wrote this on a scrap of paper A post-it note crinkled and dusted Bits of lint stuck to the back Like a magnet In a flash it was all gone Having been swept out to sea On a boat Captained by a longshoreman Who may or may not have been Telling tales Using gin... Continue Reading →


Sea change Seeing change On the shorelines Playing with sandcastles That new age gold From the Mesozoic era In every crack and crevice Filling the moat from a sinking boat


In mid flight I hear you Screeching frequencies like static Tuning in to hear the tale Of how death could not hold you close I watched you with baited breath Wheeled to and from the theatre Escorted in paper masks And full sanitary regalia Monitored via closed circuit The coding behind the program Lines and... Continue Reading →

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