Class is in session

Checked in to class a bit early
Saw another student had posted

Sent the reply
In four years this may amount to
Something worthwhile

For now I think it’s just a pit of
Disguised as social requirements
For some as-yet-to-be-revealed outcome

I find the expense daunting

Aced the first quiz, could go back for a perfect score
Then again, there’s much to do
It’s hyper speed ahead

And I’m ready to make it happen.

If I were to guess

If I were to guess you’re right outside my doorstep
Walking paces in the park, alongside the three wise men
Holding your own in conversation
Means meandering along the trail

I sat with you four on a park bench
Waiting for the sun to set
Gentle breeze passing through
What I noticed most was the sad tone of it all
And I listened carefully to the words

One spoke of regret, of which there were many
One spoke of the body, and the failing systems
One spoke of love, and the persistence of it all
And then you, sticking your tongue out in objection
Of the process.