Forget the freak, you’re just nature
Lost, alone in the woods, under a tree
On a limb
Not a strong one at that

The first cut is the deepest, and the hardest hit
Couldn’t tear myself away from the blade for one bit
Rolled up my sleeves and tore on right then
That woman knows nothing
I sneered from within

Upon her head she wears a crown
Upon her face is nothing but frown
It’s false smiling that I loathe
Wouldn’t want to take her home
Nor follow suit; her style is crass

And while we’re at it
That’s my fucking coffee you’re looking at.
Eyes off beezy.


Working for the weekend
Clocks go forward soon
Little have we accomplished
Since going to the moon

We claim greatness by hashtag
And are viral for a moment
A global pandemic legacy
Time to nut up an own it

I read a message from strangers
I found a message from friend
Both stained with teardrops
Slip sliding away