Her words, gift wrapped in bright stripes
Mended wounds, healed pain, and strengthened faith
Her light, shining through every heavy cloud
Brought forth a wisdom for all ages.

Her loss is felt from near and far –
An echo among the hills, watching
Stories unfold in
Every shade of human skin
We are all connected

Descendants of the shared branches
Outstretched hands grateful
For the gift of today
And the hope of a brighter tomorrow.

wheel of fortune

Walking across the stage
Tapping tiles and presenting that
Colgate smile
Winning friends and
Wooing enemies over
In every conceivable form of fashion

Nightly writing like a banshee
Focused on the transfer of power
Between the will of the people
And the wheel of fortune

Turning over this card means
Something different by each deck
By and large it’s one of the better
Signs from the universe.