do you feel it?

The single string plucked Reverberating outwardly Gathering momentum An instantaneous connection. Entering drum The marching of a clock going forward Holding seconds in its hands Keeping memory present Giftwrapped with purple ribbon Placed in a polka dotted box Accordingly.

ready, set, go

It's coming together No matter the weather The storm on horizon I recognize how far we have come Not holding back The statement of facts Honestly I can't imagine what it will take to get these swords Out of my back Bloody and bleeding Steadily leaning Into the pain like its ready to go Again... Continue Reading →


the authority of an ecclesiastic is only as valid as the belief structure in place from where does their power arise? the intangible unimaginable whispering betwixt congregation is a cult of busy Redact your tithe Or seek solace in solitude Having made the choice To set fire to the soul.

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