shatter me

The label on the jar read “Overly complicated relationship fund”

I laugh and chuck a few coins in,

Celebrating the savings for another rainy day.

It’s been dry as a bone here as of late; the seasonal changing from long pants to shorter skirts, some with long jackets.

Colors ranging from the denim blue to the golden sunset, and those pretty-in-pink bows; tied delicately around the center just slightly off point.

He whispers something or other in my general direction, but I pay those words no mind

Seeing how he’s already packed and ready for the next flight out. Yellow taxi waiting at the curb. Might have been an Uber, maybe a Lyft. . .

(I was in the kitchen making waffles at the time)

Not feigned indifference, simply absolute. Pouring several glasses to prove a point;

That I can hold my own glass high above head,

Spilling every thing like tea on a table,

The fifty-two card pickup

& I’m still holding all the cards.

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