shatter me

The label on the jar read “Overly complicated relationship fund” I laugh and chuck a few coins in, Celebrating the savings for another rainy day. It’s been dry as a bone here as of late; the seasonal changing from long pants to shorter skirts, some with long jackets. Colors ranging from the denim blue to... Continue Reading →


She puts the cards down After shuffling them a thousand times over; mixing every overarching archetype with deft precision "As the chaos of the universe, so is the chaos of the cards; show us what we need to see," whispering wonders in a smoke filled room through ancient times we've sought refuge in mystical principles... Continue Reading →

still running

"There's something in the cup," she told me; arching her back and yawning slightly. "You left it there," I replied, deadpan expression. I still don't understand people, or how they state the obvious. Must be something in the imagination, or better yet the folds of paper A reimagining of three dimensional objects Taking over a... Continue Reading →

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