under the knife, over the edge

How do you loose something that wasn’t grasped to begin with? A veritable life in the hands unbeknownst A half mile down the street In clips and phrases. No Joe, don’t go running off with that. Bring it here. Jimmy, quit being a bad influence; all upside down and backwards like Strumming that tune on... Continue Reading →

transcribing dreamworlds

Kneeling, head bowed; tempest winds howling The abysmal stare piercing I gathered what little strength was left Struck out with my hand And plucked out its eye. Aye. I Delivered it, gift wrapped in silk To a warrior Whom you may never know by heart And woe to those Who cross the warpath.

single beam

Cutting through, holding back the river The weight of it all is waiting to shine through. A squirrel perched, opens its arms - allowing for a movement With the focus of free form flight. Wouldn’t it be nice to trust our own judgement Basking in the glory Of the single beam on repeat On repeat... Continue Reading →

grand central station

Coming in to play, ripping out the signs that only pointed in one direction. I gave it my all, as was the command; still though It wasn’t enough to pay the fare. Good thing I know my way around through the back doors and entrances, Cordoned off from the rest Behind the green glass door.

point and shoot

Eating the rude, Dismissing the overarching goal; An apple falls, rolls underfoot. No more. Consumption, Judgement, Assumption "You'll never get there." He says, matter-of-fact like. I just smile and nod, watching the weather change.

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