alphabet soup (spilled some on your shirt, sorry)

Zephyr zealous zombie

Yellow yawning

Xyloid xeric xebec

Waiting wailing wandering

Vile vindictive vilified

Under undulating ubiquitous

Tasting trillions treating toes

Seeking solace sondering softly

Reading respect rocking rolls Royce

Quickly questioning quandary quaint

Pondering prolific peacefully protesting

Objection objective obtuse obfuscation

Naturally non-existence neolithic nurtures

Makes mouths mourn most mornings

Lost longing loosely living loved listlessly (lethargic litigation literally lethal)

Keeping kits kept

Jiggling juggling jugs just joining

Hither holding hostage, hospital housing hunkered haunches

Ignoring iceberg icing icily idle illuminating ideas

Gestalt getting good, gathering goodies golden goose

Fearing faceless facing foes

Eclectic enigmatic engine effortlessly efficient

Dazzling dancing dizzy doing

Calisthenics calmly collaborating

By brotherhood beyond borders bringing

All alliteration albeit absently authorized

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