o’er the hills

The hotel had a indoor hike, all up hill - both ways. They were renovating, and I learned the ins and outs of the building. An Art Deco deal, highly desirable from a collectors standpoint seemed out of place considering the dated nature of the time. A collection of communication devices, both rotary and cellular... Continue Reading →


Welcome to the future You no longer have a name There are bright lights, and bean pill meals Both are bitter swallows. Take care of all the realities Connected to the changes So that the opportunities afforded Are welcomed and enjoyed.

pick a card

There are seventy-two to choose from; The symbols of collective experience Tattered from the decades of shuffling Rife with stories, weather beaten and that one still has a spot of coffee on it. Doesn’t matter, they still read the same Over and under they fall into place Each one a story in it of itself... Continue Reading →

alphabet soup (spilled some on your shirt, sorry)

Zephyr zealous zombie Yellow yawning Xyloid xeric xebec Waiting wailing wandering Vile vindictive vilified Under undulating ubiquitous Tasting trillions treating toes Seeking solace sondering softly Reading respect rocking rolls Royce Quickly questioning quandary quaint Pondering prolific peacefully protesting Objection objective obtuse obfuscation Naturally non-existence neolithic nurtures Makes mouths mourn most mornings Lost longing loosely living... Continue Reading →

don’t start with me today

They clap and applauded after the speech, Denoting appreciation. The deadpan faces a dead give-away; They were oblivious. I suppose it’s important to note, Not a hint of gratitude emerges while they’re sucking down the free shrimp at the bar. They complain about the temperature, Completely ignoring the igloos that helped humanity survive the last... Continue Reading →

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