42 CFR § 438.610

Knowingly - key word here, From prohibited affiliation, affliction One of those - triple check deals. Run through the system; a balance of checks, Ensuring compliance measures set Other remedies are still available, No limits as of yet. Who you know, and who you ought to know, Rather than what is known are what follows.


I was napping; Dreaming of you and Walking towards a picnic Laid out in a field, tailgating All BBQ burgers bubbling and fries cooked to perfection Second look- The burned ones getting ground up And sprinkled over rice For that One-of-a-kind flavor.

day 77

We cannot change the past; it is a part of our history forever. To regret it is wasted energy, As is worry. They say the pain is great, I’m not sure it’s quite understood; Mot just (This is skinning the soles and walking on broken glass) Eventually we heal, but first we bleed over everything... Continue Reading →

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