There are some, for me at least Easier to pickup than others. I can grasp the complexities of a pictorial language like Japanese (Visually memorizing the meaning of the thousand-hair brush strokes) Easier than say; Czechoslovakian or Russian. [ I got so lost at the beginning that I never really started ] I need to... Continue Reading →


Her name is Darla And she's a great friend to have On those really tough days  Where every thing goes sideways And the laughter doesn't stop. That cheeky grin reminds me Of sunshine peeking through the clouds. 

glitches in the system

Two ways to fix the system; Burn it down, Build it up. How many pathways to construct? It depends on the system. Binary is simply complex - ones and zeros Arranged and rearranged in string theory and star clusters One twinge starts a movement, A directionless blast In all dimensions.

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