hearts and flowers

Love you much, Now get some rest, No really, go. to. sleep. But I’m not tired they say again (And again, and again, and again) Go to bed sweetheart I whisper, lovingly - (telling tales before bed is a treat) It’s all imagination, Wonderful and delighting; In watching faces light up

checkered flag

Pretty much I die DailyOne hundred miles an hour Racing to the finish lineCatching up; I don't breathe.  Deciding to try playing a fish Gasping for air under water.There are a myriadNayA googolplexNumber of ways to expire.

singled out

He was driving on the highway, A murder of crows in the rear view; Passing turnip trucks, music turned up, On icy sheets of glass. In his Chevy, wondering what’s next - Turned off along route three-five-six, Near the junction, a lone tree burning. Oh the ire, growing fire, Lead foot on the gas Clicking... Continue Reading →

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