blue starlight

I gather them for later consuming; Bright and shiny, In my excitement I forget to screw the lid on, And they spill like shimmering sands onto the tile floor. Making a clean sweep is easy, So long as you get Into the grooves. Good night

in the wings

Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end, So the lyrics say, Blissfully aware of how frail the structure is. Fixtures and fissures forming, The expression of convergence; Vector of resile, The point of all returns.

googlie eyes

Posted on anything Inevitably illicit laughter I found a pair on a bike rack once Outside of a Starbucks And I spilled some coffee Because I was caught off guard By the reductio ad absurdum Of being watched


A comedy of errors, Line dancing two-step in toe, Side to side, with right-foot- Left - Under pale moonlight. I borrowed these tradewinds to fill my sails, In all directions flowing alongside the journey, Waltzing Matilda~ Allowing what will be to be. In this tango for two, we are but a party of one, Celebrating... Continue Reading →

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