fake it

Barbie-plastic smile,

Hiding debonair details;

What it’s like to actually experience

Carrot-&-Stick livelihoods.

Supposedly, it’s supposed to pay off

I highly doubt that –

Considering patience is required,

And I’m six-seconds away from being a patient.

Admittedly I do admire,

That Cheshire Cat smile,

While silently contemplating

How to concoct a believable lie.

Both a conflict of my principles,

& conflict of self-interest;

Trying to preserve what sanity is left

Pickled in mason jars.

15 thoughts on “fake it

Add yours

    1. I vehemently abhor, loathe, and otherwise absolutely hate the phrase ‘fake it till you make it’ – one of my pet peeves in life. (Along with a laundry list of others)
      Every time I hear it, it throws me into a rage.
      One of those ‘life lessons’ perhaps?


      1. I have a new word to utilize. ‘Pequin’
        Question, how much of this piece is fiction? Additionally, your style has changed dramatically since.
        What caused the change in style is it because of the ‘blogging’ medium, or do more individuals respond, or. . . Something akin to your personal preference?

        So, when’s this getting finished?
        (Taps foot)
        Wait wait wait wait 😀


      2. All of it is fiction. Several things changed how I write. Time to write a 2500 word chapter that no one reads is frustrating when a 300 word piece with lots of pictures gets a heavy reads.

        Another is my muse is gone. I was writing about very strong feelings and making them into another world.

        The story essentially finished at the Battle for La Longi about 2 months ago.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! I remember those, and .. admittedly wrote quite a few to ward off the ‘unluck’ that would ‘follow’ if one didn’t follow through on the mark.
      Oh my haven’t heard chain letter in quite some time.


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