Duplicitous! They bellow.

Scattering shadows in candle-light.

Bickering back and forth,

Time ticking down;

A slow burn.

The pairing truthfully sanctimonious,

Hippocratic Oath not withstanding;

Hypocritical judgements inclusion of occlusion.

Illusory, illustrations, illuminating, ingrained-insight,

E.B. White turns over in his grave nightly when I write.

Hard fall from thirty-thousand feet.

Crash landing near no parking signs-

Left laughing, holding tickets saying

Hubris will be the death of me.

Is time like a 45 spinning, a record on repeat

Scratching the surface needle-groove neat

Can we rewind it like an 8-track, and savor all the beats

Musical melody lyrics entwined, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida

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