happy meal

I rub my eyes in exasperated frustration,

Till something comes into view that makes sense.

Sandpaper smooth, these worn out thoughts

Have nothing but grit to them.

Looking for the simple solution,

No longer can we merely solve for x

We’re on a whole ‘nuther level.

Trying on this trigonometry;

The sin

cos and

going off on a tangent

Seeing things as they are,

Golden ratio aside;

Yet again pondering if I left the stove on

Wouldn’t want to burn it all down now would we?


Duplicitous! They bellow.

Scattering shadows in candle-light.

Bickering back and forth,

Time ticking down;

A slow burn.

The pairing truthfully sanctimonious,

Hippocratic Oath not withstanding;

Hypocritical judgements inclusion of occlusion.

Illusory, illustrations, illuminating, ingrained-insight,

E.B. White turns over in his grave nightly when I write.

Hard fall from thirty-thousand feet.

Crash landing near no parking signs-

Left laughing, holding tickets saying

Hubris will be the death of me.

Is time like a 45 spinning, a record on repeat

Scratching the surface needle-groove neat

Can we rewind it like an 8-track, and savor all the beats

Musical melody lyrics entwined, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida