Mask stuffed with ornamental flowers, Picked perfect for the occasion; Thoughts of well-wishing through song, To ward of the plague. What we know now, Isn’t much else learned by choice; Survival of the fittest germ-theory, Till John Snow showed up, mid winter arrived Breaking pump handles and saving the city.

seagull on a streetlamp

Did a double take the other day Driving down East Expo Grey white and loud That bastard sat proud How the hell did you get here good bird? You’re quite a ways from home Here in the mile-high city. Did you come for the snow or better yet, just to elevate your perspective.

happy meal

I rub my eyes in exasperated frustration, Till something comes into view that makes sense. Sandpaper smooth, these worn out thoughts Have nothing but grit to them. Looking for the simple solution, No longer can we merely solve for x We’re on a whole ‘nuther level. Trying on this trigonometry; The sin cos and going... Continue Reading →

raise your glass

A toast Bread and butter Night and day Breakfast of champions If I may Be so bold That is to say Good morning to you! Oh coffee, you're at the table set Black elixr of life The sound of victory Is the first sip of the day.

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