styx & stones

I listen intently to his words; Every. Single. One. Each time, Pulled across the river ~ To the land of the living. Again. It is commanded; I listen and obey. Placing myself in front of the rock, I am yoked, choking in objection; Determined to feel every crack and crevice, Destined to wear it proudly;... Continue Reading →

saving daylight

Time is our most precious resource, Love is the most powerful force; Logic brings them together, Humanity among the life-course. Hanging pictures now reframed; Adventures longing beyond mundane, I have no reason to complain, Write write write write write.

calling you

Notification message: You never call My fingers are broken I type back, Ready to fire off another sixteen pages of reasons. I don't control these random acts of emotion, They are par for the course My guilty pleasure, is Toiling & toying with ideas; Love the image Removing hearts from image The song plays on... Continue Reading →

story time

I sat by the campfire, warming my hands; embers sparking, colorful hues of ultra-heated red, Saying a prayer for the fallen stars over head, Placing palo santo among the flames; Wafting an air of mystery into the night. Gypsy wanderer, cloaked in green; Heralds a message as yet unseen, Drawing from her satchel of white;... Continue Reading →

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