laughing gas

You can’t be serious when you’re inhaling

Pure helium from a balloon;

Talking like the chipmunks cartoon about the most dreadful things

Like what if the cake is a lie, &

Oh my gawd Becky, you know that girl with the butt and the hair?

(what’s worse, not caring, or caring too much?)

It’s silly to think of how flippant we can be,

Tossing ideas into the trash, and promoting the


Merrily musing munching on mundane morals.

Where’s the justice in that?

(simmer down, slow boil, there’s value in the daily toil)

Oh, i remember, it got caught up in that whole thing with what’s-their-face

Riding the coattails of that new bill the whip was weaving through

(the heat is on again-what about the bill?)

What’s more important – the chicken, or the egg?

That’s not the question these days –

By far there are More. Factors. To. Consider.

Food for thought, as the clock ticks down to zero

(can’t store food here, how to get from a to b without being seen?)

On a blue marble, beautiful, held in suspense by the gravity of it all.

Live your dream; it’s so worth it, but you gotta work it.

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