friends near and far

Greetings and salutations, to friends near and far; I hope you’re doing well, and shining bright stars. I see you, each in turn, page by page. I ponder the greatness in each one. I admire your unique perspectives given by grace, by reality checks, by the slings and arrows, and by choice. By the by... Continue Reading →

paul revere

Steam pulsating out of the nostrils of his steed, The man at night does do his deed; Crying faithfully in to the night, “They’re on their way!” “They’re on their way!” The ringing of the stirrups, the jangle of the bit, Chomping, salivating, neighing ~ Nigh. Harder, faster! He rides. A cloak of fog, hoof... Continue Reading →


When you want something, You will move heaven and earth; And it will happen. All things considered, All according to the plan; Who is in control? When you plan it right, The pieces fall into place; It is not my plan.


Is it logical, to travel mid-winter, seventeen degrees and snowy? Hardly. “I’ve done it before, and it’s no big deal.” She quips, smug face comfortable. Girl, you got some nerve; I’ll give you that. Ever consider the consequences? Hearty as chicken soup for the soul, Ideal for those unaware of the pending retrograde. Do we... Continue Reading →

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