friends near and far

Greetings and salutations, to friends near and far;

I hope you’re doing well, and shining bright stars.

I see you, each in turn, page by page. I ponder the greatness in each one. I admire your unique perspectives given by grace, by reality checks, by the slings and arrows, and by choice.

By the by (as the saying goes) tomorrow I will visit trees, hike the hills and have coffee with friend, and I will get to hear about the wonderful things in their lives as well.

I believe wholeheartedly in returns on investment; that is to say, give more than you take. It pays dividends down the road. It’s the right thing to do, because it is right; not out of obligation, not out of ‘what’s in it for me’ but because it is the proper way to do things.

It is in gratitude that I share this, because it wasn’t always this way. We can evolve past primitive mindsets. It’s pretty unique to the human species.

Folks are truly fascinating. It’s just one of those things.

I personally live by a fixed set of principles, that are both a help, and a hindrance. I enjoy people, in VERY LIMITED AMOUNTS. Socializing is a drain, however, I do this because it is both helpful for me to get out of the house (I like being a hermit) and because we need friends of all kinds. That’s a whole other missive for another day. Oh, who would be a good read on that….

[ I can’t think of the name at the moment, I’ll get back to you on that. If you have one let me know, perhaps it will help jog the memory banks. ]

As my one of my older friends says ‘it’s not easy being me’ (I laugh every time I hear that.) That particular human has the unstoppable fortitude attitude, and I truly admire that.

Another, who is younger, is still figuring out the path forward. Others still; decided to breed, and are mired in the ‘joy’ of parenting at all levels of human development.

I get to snicker and sympathize alongside them all, and that’s a nice thing that also brings me joy.

It’s getting late, and there’s still more work to do; so for now, it’s time to roll up the sleeves, and get it done.

Be well, today & all days


paul revere

Steam pulsating out of the nostrils of his steed,

The man at night does do his deed;

Crying faithfully in to the night,

“They’re on their way!”

“They’re on their way!”

The ringing of the stirrups, the jangle of the bit,

Chomping, salivating, neighing ~


Harder, faster!

He rides.

A cloak of fog, hoof beating the earth;

Heart pounding and night sweats wake the whole town.


Is it logical, to travel mid-winter, seventeen degrees and snowy?


“I’ve done it before, and it’s no big deal.” She quips, smug face comfortable.

Girl, you got some nerve; I’ll give you that.

Ever consider the consequences?

Hearty as chicken soup for the soul,

Ideal for those unaware of the pending retrograde.

Do we have time for shenanigans?

“But I….” She starts in again, face sullen and misty eyed.


(A full and complete sentence.)

Not today, there’s work to do.

Cancelled like a favorite tv show,

No timeline for review,

Under the gun and over the moon,

It’s time to recalibrate our plans.