I picked out a few bulbs,

Carefully selecting each

from the showroom floor,

The perennials,

because they stem from the narcissus clan.

Looking longingly at the bright green sprouts,

Standing tall at attention –

‘Look at me

look at me’

How fitting, that they are my favorite,

(These round orbs in my hands,

I massage and whisper sweet things)

Soon to be

Bright white,

fluted yellow,

& traffic-cone orange

i love them all,

Flowering firsts

The signal that spring has finally arrived.

day 69

I would be remiss if I didn’t post an update. Today of all days has actually been alright. I find that I need the gum less, and sometimes forget that I don’t have a piece in my mouth. Overall this is a good thing.

Eventually I won’t write about it; however, this keeps me honest.

I don’t miss smoking per-se, it’s one of those…what’s the word I’m looking for – ‘unhealthy traditions’ that I picked up. The official term is ‘coping mechanism’ (what really happened is far more complicated.)

I am saddened by the vaping epidemic – I started vaping before it was cool; now kids are mixing it with god awful junk and screwing up their lives even worse than the initial series of smokers before them.

Not that it’s any of my business to say anything about anyone – I would encourage support, and allow them to be the adults in charge of their lives. What that ultimately means is; the good, the bad, and the ugly of it all.

I trust that your new year is going swimmingly; and if it isn’t, then, you have…oh I don’t know, several months to get it squared away. While there is always something to do, perhaps you will take joy in the little things.

If there are no little things, then imagine yourself in your favorite place. You are warm, safe, and protected here. No one, not even the guard, can take this away from you.

Eventually, things change.

I wish you well on your journeys, and raise my glass to you.

Cheers and be well,

Kelly K Green: noun.


No. It’s not going to be like that

I told him ~



nine times (or so)

Then went and got tangled in this mess

Fair warning

not fair weather permitting

Who’s at fault

For having human elements?

Evidently now the best thing is to remove all evidence;

(there’s always evidence)

Except for that series of calls

And the paper trail

This hammer and nails

What’s sacred here

Sure, nothing to obstruct along the way

Green lights on runway

Trying to run away

from a reflection.