These two i swear Purrball & the meowy one Fight over who gets to lay in the shoe Kitty, No. That is my slipper And my feet are cold. Sit on my lap for a while And tell me about your day Was it full of fun and naps That’s my kind of relaxation Again,... Continue Reading →


His tone dropping a full octave Between readings No hesitation and pushing out that hard syllable While melting glass starts to form at the tip Swirling in bits and elements An amalgamation of imagination.


Her heterodox moves Have been the ones requiring Most careful explanation Touching things she knows better Unbuttoning ideas; fingering keys While humming a merry little tune.

jagged little pill

tough act to follow bitter pill to swallow raise your glass and stay classy a class act watching presentations projections and slide shows highlight reels really ready to take center stage teamwork does not mean you take on the whole thing so why does it keep happening


Scumbling through the day, Painting opaque over vibrancy; By human brushstroke. You knew him well, and the words - (Merely words) Cannot alleviate all the losses endured. Celebrate life today the next breath & the last One.

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