holy fabric

Hierophant on high, sitting stately; Stated simply, “This just will not do.” He opened his book, to verse fourteen Beginning to read aloud; “For he who shall bring every work into judgement, with him every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil shall be known.” Going on to say, “So it... Continue Reading →

stand by me

I was in line for the coffee and this song came on, it takes me back to a simpler time; one where I didn’t have to worry about bills, commute times, and whatever else comes next. In hearing the music, I remember that it’s alright. In this moment, right now. It is alright. No, it’s... Continue Reading →

day 65

I hate everything and everyone. (Not really at all, just a passing phase) I have no desire to go back. (Ready to let this go; overdramatized) And I still hate everything and everyone. (Still hopeful for a better tomorrow, and the years to come) Because i care too much about life. (This is not my... Continue Reading →

four corners

First pink then blue Then green Pages ripped monthly To mark time I set fire to each As I burn through the hours. I have this compulsion to vomit word salad over the screen on the backs of envelopes On coffee-ringed napkins Scraps of paper scrawled in chicken scratch Purging my hands over the page.... Continue Reading →

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