twenty questions

The man had two arms, Only one was real. He asked me once to play a game, To figure out The Who’s who Of the what’s it to ya? In the sounds of science These technological advancements We’re inferior to intuition.

breathe carolina

Nothing is sacred in this realm; not even this word ‘sacrilegious’ Though I hold it in high esteem Turning it over like a blank page Marking time and scarring the surface With my digital impressionist paintings in my minds’ eye The third one between the Emerald Isle and the olive groves Branching out towards something... Continue Reading →

hi luke

More words please, this plate is empty. (Eyes blinking, challenging the norm) This place, full of thoughts; Self-served on a silver platter. (You’re brilliant is the short response) Hello from across the pond 🙂 Just waiting for Mark to join the show.

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