breathe carolina

Nothing is sacred in this realm; not even this word ‘sacrilegious’

Though I hold it in high esteem

Turning it over like a blank page

Marking time and scarring the surface

With my digital impressionist paintings

in my minds’ eye

The third one between the Emerald Isle and the olive groves

Branching out towards something more grounded

Is a version of utopia that’ll never meet

The pink skies of an early dawn

to see the world through your eyes

many years ago, i existed

having another site, you never heard of

it failed miserably insofar as i stopped writing

yet through that experience

i met wonderful people, from magical places

whilst living between my car and having shots fired at my head

one day soon, i will traverse the globe

stopping by to say hi, & to have a cup of joe

life is to short not to see the world

through the eyes of another

be well fellow travelers