knotty fissile

Gordian cleaved, solutions found;

By leveraging powerful cuts.

That’s one way to solve a sticky wicket –

The other, is to play the game &

Create new rules in the midst of a round.

Neither solution, nor participants realize

Both options are freely available.

Long read:

A Gordian knot is an extremely difficult or involved problem. I have come to realize, that no matter the problem, the solution is inherent within it. The solution is inherent within the problem. I have not found an exception to this rule within reason. The two things that come to mind are necromancy and unicorns. Having genetic abilities to splice will ultimately create them; ‘accidentally’ or deliberately. Once we collectively unlock death – well… that’s another long read for later.

I found alternatives for why this is true, I just don’t know yet why or even if it’s really truly true. I could for all intents and purposes be completely off my rocker. I know I’m not, yet someone somewhere will ultimately determine that they’re more correct and want to play tag with words. Trust me, the solution is there no matter what.

Consider any field of study; like the mathematics of algebra. A simple example of this is that you have letters and numbers; solve for x. The solution is inherently present in the problem. There are exceptions to the rule; however, the rule remains.

This can be further complicated and become convoluted when you enter into the field of medicine. The patient is sick, if you identify the disease, you can diagnose and provide solution. The second and tertiary versions of this; is that humans are horrible at identifying what the problem actually is. This is why we require a ‘second set of eyes’ or ‘another opinion’. Biology operates in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

In politics, the solution lies in getting folks to actually see the outcomes of the policy/law/concept they’re kicking around. It’s an ‘invite only’ sort of field, whereas those at the table making the decisions have insight into other areas that may or may not be relevant. Consider the recalibration in the early 80’s from categorical grant funding to block grant funding. In the law it states (and I’m paraphrasing here) ‘we don’t actually know what the outcome will be in doing this; however, we’re hemorrhaging funds and find this to be unacceptable’.

All of this becomes a moot point in my book.

Each of these concepts listed above, have more context than I can provide in a simple posting. Hopefully your own research into the mysteries of life yield positive results. If one way doesn’t work, there are other avenues to try. Find a way, and make a way.

I continue to wish for your happiness in whatever field you’re in; may you fill your cup with a delicious something-or-other that brings you joy. I raise my coffee cup to you and say cheers.

Be well, today and all days.

Kelly K Green: noun.

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