the table

Green felted Lined with white numbers and letters, Black and red checkered board, Round spinning wheel; Has the best odds in the house. Wooden, cloth-covered, and set for dinner In the room of fights, fits, hugs, and conversations till three a.m. (Sometimes playing gin rummy with gin and gingers) We gather to pray, to study,... Continue Reading →


I wrote a letter, Framed it in a haiku poem; Mailed as care package. Its safe don’t worry, Three by five and off color; Addressed in pencil. Don’t tell anyone, Except for your better half; Sharing is caring.


Sometimes it snows as late as May; inevitability, spring will come. It’s the interpretation, subject line blank; open opportunity. The greatest compassion and care must be taken for the most hostile of enemies. ‘What’s wrong with you?’ He asks, face solemn. Fear response of humans is one of the most difficult to overcome. Ever wonder... Continue Reading →

“you’ve got mail”

I dialed in on the modem, taking the call from the Midwest; his voice was a refreshing change from the mundane. I listened over four years; curious and intent on rubbing elbows. It had been awhile, and (totally) worth the wait. I cracked open the spine, creasing the cover- it's tradition that I wear the... Continue Reading →

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