in charge of the public

Public charge Is part and parcel of the service package Leave it in place It's for the people We are a nation founded on the values of war Trying to bring peace (grr) What gives anyone the right To say not today What will be the replacement? (There isn't one)  So basically that falls A... Continue Reading →

38 CFR Pt. 4

Humvees and ‘oorah’, Devil Dogs barking, You’ve dealt with a lot; Drifting gears and Abrams’ Subject to civil relief, Marching miles, flying high & Out upon the seas - It’s not enough sometimes, All the time - There’s a whole department for that. Thank you for your service

23 U.S.C. § 327

For miles in every direction, a road; Made with asphalt and elbow grease, A stunning testament to the will of the people. The state, individually, has more say over The automated audits required. (They contain words, words, And more words about ‘the project’) The rest of us sit in traffic, Inchworms crawling to our final... Continue Reading →

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