day 61

Yesterday was a bear, I growled much. Wanting to jump through the pane glass; Just to take the edge off. (I didn’t) Damnit Janet, I’m a surgeon, not a psychiatrist. I’ve got no qualms with you. It’s just the addiction talking; The conversation will be over soon. Supposedly that’s a good thing - Learning to... Continue Reading →

words of comfort

Soft blankets, warmly clasped between hands Pulled over head, to block out the light. Not today. Not any day She says, defiant. I object. She pads softly down the stairs, Skipping the fifth one - It always creaks, letting you know she’s there. Wafting scent of brown butter in the kitchen, So sweet, heavenly divine.... Continue Reading →


Required by universal law, The accounting principles generally state; To balance the books, Is one thing for another. Either willing or by accident, Forces are [ of a ] Fate reckoning; Frozen like Walden’s pond. Memory photographically recalled, Creased edges from a black wallet; Removed before the ready. I’d pay double to see them again... Continue Reading →

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